--- title: Data Science Consulting Company / Firms & Service Providers in Austin, TX description: Cosmic Lens Consulting is a Texas-based data science consulting firms that provides data analytics services and business intelligence consulting. We provide cost-effective data analytics solutions. For more info email us at info@cosmiclensconsulting.com! layout: banner main_id: dummy_main_id js: reviews.js banner: header: Be Part of the Data Analytics Revolution description: We help companies leverage data and analytics to achieve growth and profitability mission: header: "Our Mission: Data Analytics for All" description: Data analytics should not be solely the purview of large companies. Our goal is to help organizations of any size through data science consulting and data analytics services. values: - header: Artificial intelligence solutions subheader: AI For The Small Fry description: We specialize in finding and creating automation for small businesses and startups. Whether it be software, predictive analytics, AI, or robotic process automation (RPA), we'll determine and implement the most cost-effective solution for you. image: assets/images/our-mission.png imagealt: Data Science Consulting Company in Austin, TX - header: Bespoke data science consulting subheader: Data Analytics Your Way description: Our data analysts will examine your data and external data to answer your questions. We'll also create a data and analytics strategy just for you - how to improve existing data, what other data points to bring in, and what else you could be doing with your data. image: assets/images/our-mission2.png imagealt: Data Science Consulting Firms in Austin, TX - header: Data And Analytics For Business In The 21st Century subheader: Transform You Business For The Digital Age description: Whether you are collecting data or not, the modern business world is swimming with it. Data-driven decisions and machine learning automation are becoming the norm. Learn how to leverage data and analytics for your small business or startup. image: assets/images/our-mission3.png imagealt: Data Science Providers in Austin, TX ---



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