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Analytics should not be solely the purview of large companies. Our goal is to help organizations of any size utilize data science.

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Cosmic Lens Consulting was founded in 2014 by Richard Leu, PhD. He wanted to take the knowledge and experience from working on projects for billion dollar companies and bring that to small businesses and startups. During the next few years, he realized the issues and barriers to successful analytics projects were similar across industries and different business sizes. These problems are not solved by more money or more data but from strategic analysis that maps business problems to AI solutions.

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Cosmic Lens Consulting creates end-to-end solutions that usually require a large team of data scientists, data engineers, software developers, product managers, and solutions architects. We are able to deliver these solutions in a cost-effective manner by building a strategy that's iterative and agile. We focus on solutions that are most impactful and most enabling for your business. Our ability is based not only on our practical abilities as data scientists and engineers but also our business acumen.

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