We've helped businesses realize the value of analytics from better insights into their customers to operations automation. We're successful across multiple verticals because of our proficiency in mapping business problems to data-driven solutions.

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Business Analytics

  • Advanced churn and LTV modeling
  • Digital Marketing - SEO, SEM, Web analytics
  • Data integration and Business Intelligence
  • Pricing analytics and management
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Predictive Analytics and AI

  • Startup AI strategy and roadmaps
  • Resource evaluation and acquisition
  • Large-scale training of models
  • Productify successful algorithms
  • NLP and text mining solutions
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  • Competitive intelligence
  • Automation, consolidation, and scaling of operations
  • Custom user experiences
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Fleet and Asset Management

  • Reliability, availability and maintainability analysis
  • Condition-based maintenance and sensor data integration
  • Asset-based forecasts and sustainment optimization
  • Simulation study of risks and process changes
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Same-day delivery and last-mile logistics

  • Complex automated dispatch systems
  • Route optimization
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Spatio-temporal demand forecasts
  • Inventory and distribution optimization

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